E3110 - Bobby, It's Cold Outside


Bob's Goal: Playing the role of Santa; Killing Bart (briefly); Finding the package thief


Bob is living in a lighthouse, after having escaped from prison dressed as a priest. A woman from a neighboring lighthouse brings him muffins, and says that she told people in town about him. He is then scouted to work as a Santa at a small amusement park on account of his voice, and he puts his all into the roll. However, he breaks character briefly when Bart arrives, and expresses his intent to kill him, but immediately changes his mind, calling himself a "method actor." Meanwhile, someone known as "SB" is stealing packages off people's doorsteps, so Bart asks Bob to help solve the mystery, for some reason. In the end, it turns out to be Smithers and Burns, who is still disappointed that he never got the love he really wanted from his parents. Bob helps comfort him, and Burns returns the presents. In this stinger, the woman from before returns to Bob's lighthouse, and says she knows who he is and that she wants a relationship anyway. They embrace and (almost?) kiss, but are interrupted by the sea captain crashing against the shore.