Bart Collection

A compendium of Bart-related items for Bob's collection.

E0110Homer's Night OutBart takes a picture of his butt.
E0209Itchy & Scratchy & MargeBart runs for class president and puts up "A vote for Bart is a vote for Anarchy" posters.
E0301Stark Raving DadBart's picture appears in the paper.
E0402A Streetcar Named MargeA small toy shaped like Bart is seen at Ayn Rand's School for Tots.
E0502Cape FeareBob has a picture of Bart in his room.
E0507Bart's Inner Child?
E0512Bart Gets FamousAssorted merchandise.
E0517Bart Gets An elephantBart appears in newspaper.
E0617Homer Vs. Patty & SelmaHomer reads a gag newspaper that says "Bart Named World's Greatest Sex Machine"
E0512Bart Gets Famous"I Didn't Do It: The Bart Simpson Story"
E0512Bart Gets Famous"I Didn't Do It! Volume III"
E0318Separate VocationsBart takes a picture of his butt.